Art, New Media and the Curatorial
Interview with Sarah Cook
March 2011

Stories Without Boundaries But Full Of Lies
Interview with Les Liens Invisibles
March 2011

Ever-Changing Chains of Work
Interview with Constant Dullaart
February 2011

The ‘One Idea, One Result’ Method
Interview with Jan Robert Leegte
October 2010

Monochromacity and Internet-based Art
Interview with Thomas Dreher
September 2010

From Where and to Whom is a Text Speaking?
Interview with Stefan Nowotny
May 2010

There’s More than One Way to do Microcodes
Interview with Pall Thayer
July 2009

Writing about Zeros and Ones
Interview with Josephine Bosma
June 2009

Who are the Spies? We are the Spies!
Interview with Daphne Dragona
April 2009

A Practice without Discipline
Interview with Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer
January 2009

Technological Mimesis
Interview with Marius Watz
April 2008

Undecisive Contexts
Interview with Mark Edward Grimm
April 2007

versatile m[c]o[mmunication]dality
Interview with Mary-Anne Breeze – aka netwurker
April 2007

Curating Ambiguity
Interview with Scott Rettberg
February 2007

Live Cinema — Language and Elements
Interview with Mia Makela – aka SOLU
January 2007

The Big Book (C)rime
Interview with the ‘Amazon Noir’ Crew
November 2006

Possibilities in Locative Media
Interview with Jeremy Hight
Feburary 2006