Exhibition, publication and edition, Vienna/Austria:

With Texts About Artworks By (Cover)

WITH TEXTS ABOUT ARTWORKS BY is the fourth and final event in a series of exhibitions dealing with the topic of “iteration”. Arranged as a timebased and weekly changing exhibition of 26 posters in the public sphere of Vienna’s second district, the project makes use of shopping windows to take a look back at—and equally—to continue the prinicipal notion of three past exhibitions organised by CONT3XT.NET. Similar to the idea that each sign exists in a time continuum between a preceding and a following sign suggesting the conclusion that no sign can relate to something that would stand as an object outside this flow, the exhibition results in a paradoxical mind game that thinks about thinking, in a loop that starts from the beginning again as soon as it reaches the end.

WITH TEXTS ABOUT ARTWORKS BY (Cover, installation view)

WITH TEXTS ABOUT ARTWORKS BY is based upon the exhibition series “Experienced at Least Twice” which revolved around the idea of an endless loop of communicative, media and social contexts from July to October 2011. Dedicated to the subject of “space”, the first exhibition at Fluc am Praterstern related to the architectural, social and temporal structures of a place that is located at the intersection of music culture, fine art and social interactive space. The following exhibition at Open Space – Zentrum für Kunstprojekte focused on the subject of “knowledge” in the sense of information competences of individuals that are summarised under the concept of “lifelong learning”, widespread in education policy, and which ultimately aim at the training of the realities of life. The third exhibition at Glockengasse No9 in the series was finally devoted to the theme of “progress”, pointing to the relations and differences between the commonality that arises from repetition.



WITH TEXTS ABOUT ARTWORKS BY is an exhibition documentation, a text intervention in the public sphere, a poster book as well as a modular exhibition system for private use. Each of the 26 signed and numbered posters is attributed to a previously exhibited artwork. Each artwork is represented by a list of alphabetically ordered words, which served for ist description. The main method of contextualising art – the use of language – is made visible by means of its own substance: letter for letter, word for word, sentence for sentence. The curators and authors of these texts reflect upon their approach to contemporary visual art by rendering this process obvious and by blurring the boundaries between curatorial and artistic work as well as between different exhibition and publication formats.

With Texts About Artworks By (Installation view, reflections)

With Texts About Artworks By (Poster book)

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