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Performance lecture, Kingston Upon Thames/UK:
Writing Exhibitions, 7.9 Cubic Metres

Writing Exhibitions was a two day event at the Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston-Upon-Thames, on November 28 2009, exploring connections of language and exhibition making. The event was the concluding part of Guess Work Guest Work, an exhibition by David Berridge and Compulsive Holding (Hyun Jin Cho and David Johnson). For its final weekend, the […]

Open Space—Centre for Art Projects, Vienna:
Material Consciousness — On the Project Folded-In

According to the hype of recent years, there are no more boundaries in the second generation of the World Wide Web: the public production of knowledge, global cooperation and translocal communication are flourishing and expanding in the form of networks in all directions. The utopias of freedom, inspired by the new medium and developed from […]

Open Space—Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, Wien:
Materialbewusstsein — Zum Projekt Folded-In

Glaubt man dem Hype der vergangenen Jahre, so gibt es im World Wide Web der zweiten Generation keine Grenzen mehr: Öffentliche Wissensproduktion, globale Zusammenarbeit und translokale Kommunikation florieren und dehnen sich in Form von Netzwerken in alle Richtungen hin aus. Die bereits zu Beginn des World Wide Webs entworfenen Utopien von Freiheit durch das Neue […]

AND-Festival, Liverpool/UK:
Manifestierungen von Hier und Jetzt | Echtzeit im Ausstellungsraum

… als Moment in einem Kontinuum, als Dauer von Vorgängen, als Folge von Ereignissen: entlang der Spuren, die das Phänomen Zeit auf ihrem Weg von der Vergangenheit in die Zukunft hinterlässt, kann es in der Gegenwart nicht ohne das Phänomen Raum betrachtet werden. Wurde die Zeit lange als “Gebiete des Dichters” [1] und der Raum […]

AND-Festival, Liverpool/UK:
Manifestations of Here and Now | Realtime in the Exhibition Space

… as a moment in a continuum, as a continuity of a procedure, as a sequence of events: in the present the phenomenon of time – leaving traces on its way from the past to the future – can’t be considered without reflecting upon the phenomenon of space. If for a long period, time was […]

Re:Interview #011:
There’s More Than One Way To Do Microcodes | Pall Thayer

“My medium is the code. (…) The viewer’s medium can be something else.” (1) As simple as Pall Thayer’s statement is, as strict is its execution within the series of so called Microcodes the Reykjavik-based artist started to develop in early 2009. Each Microcode is a fully contained work of art, the conceptual meaning of […]

Re:Interview #010:
Writing about Zeros and Ones | Josephine Bosma

At the 3rd Inclusiva-Net Meeting in Buenos Aires in March 2009, the Amsterdam-based writer and critic Josephine Bosma presented the synopsis of her activities as a Net Art critic during the past fifteen years. In her lecture entitled “Radical Diversity – The Confluence of Art and the Internet” she propagated a strongly interdisciplinary approach to […]

Re:Interview #010:
Escribir sobre Zeros y Unos | Josephine Bosma

En la tercera Net Meeting Inclusiva en Buenos Aires, en marzo de 2009, Josephine Bosma, escritora y crítica de arte radicada en Ámsterdam, presentó una sinopsis de sus actividades como crítica de durante los últimos 15 años. En su conferencia titulada ‘Diversidad radical: Confluencia del arte y de Internet’, postuló un enfoque marcadamente interdisciplinario […]

Ausstellung & Kunstsalon, Wien/Österreich:
Im Prinzip, zeitbasiert — In der Kubatur des Kabinetts

Die Ausstellung Im Prinzip, zeitbasiert im Clubraum des Wiener Lokals Fluc präsentiert drei Künstler, deren Handlungsfelder in den Bereichen Film/Video, bildende Kunst und Literatur unmittelbar mit dem Prinzip Zeit verflochten sind. Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Michael Kargl und Jörg Piringer verbinden in ihren Arbeiten Fragestellungen über Material und Form mit der diskursiven Dimension zeitgenössischer Medienkunst. Entlang […]

Exhibition and art event, Vienna/Austria:
Timebased, In Principle — In der Kubatur des Kabinetts

The exhibition Timebased, in Principle in the Viennese club Fluc presents three artists whose practice in the fields of film/video, visual arts and literature is immediately interwoven with the principle of time. Without remaining on a formalistic level Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Michael Kargl and Jörg Piringer combine questions of material and form with the discursive dimensions […]

Re:Interview #009:
Who/We Are the Spies?! | Daphne Dragona

“Tagging”, “posting”, “sharing”, “commenting”, “rating” and … once again, the other way around: affective and opinion-driven practices of exchange seem to be essential key issues for the everyday behaviour on the so called Social Web. But, what happens with us, the users of commercially hosted platforms, when we share our experiences and comment on opinions […]

3rd Inclusiva-Net Meeting:
Trans.Form.Work | Arte Basado en Internet en el Espacio Real

“Translation is a mode.” (Walter Benjamin) — ¿Por qué sigue siendo más fácil encontrar la colección completa de un museo en Internet que dar con una sola obra de en las salas de un museo? De acuerdo con la naturaleza de esta pregunta, han de tenerse en cuenta dos aspectos: el terreno del arte […]

3rd Inclusiva-Net Meeting:
Trans.Form.Work | Internet-based Art in the Real Space

“Translation is a mode.” (Walter Benjamin) — Why is it still easier to get an entire museum collection on the Internet than to get a single work of Internet-based Art in a museum space? As with the nature of this question, both aspects have to be taken into account: the field of Internet-based Art with […]

Re:Interview #008:
A Practice Without Discipline | Networked Cultures

In 2005 Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer initiated the Networked Cultures project, a research platform on the potential of translocally networked spatial practices. Interviews, exhibitions, films and presentations are the many forms they collaborate on architecture, art and theory projects and investigate urban network processes, spaces of geocultural crises, and forms of cultural participation and […]

Springerin Band XIV | Heft 4:
A Matter of Translation |

“Just as a tangent touches a circle lightly and at but one point, with this touch rather than with the point setting the law according to which it is to continue on its straight path to infinity, a translation touches the original lightly and only at the infinitely small point of the sense, thereupon pursuing […]